Friday, September 29, 2006

42 Moves

The web site of the Jyväskylä science fiction society 42 (organizer of Finncon 2007, by the way) has graduated from the university hosting to its own domain,

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Authors and Vampires: the Turku Book Fair

The Turku Book Fair will be arranged for the 14th time this weekend, from Friday September 29 to Sunday October 1. The has a stand, “Science fiction ja fantasia Suomessa,” at the Book Fair (booth A83), so if you happen to be at the Fair, come say hello and listen to contemporary Finnish authors talk about their books!

The speaker schedule at the sf booth is:

  • 14:00 Sari Peltoniemi
  • 15:00 Anne Leinonen
  • 11:00 Anne Leinonen
  • 11:30 Anu Holopainen
  • 13:00 J. Pekka Mäkelä
There will also be a vampire symposium at the Fair on Sunday, organized by TSFS and STk. The symposium will be at meeting room 3 from 14:00 to 16:00. The topics will be:
  • A vampire with feelings (Outi Hakola)
  • The vampire: the lovely Anti-Christ (Markku Soikkeli)
  • Vampires and sexuality (Tanja Sihvonen)
  • The borrowed qualities of vampires in RPGs (J. Tuomas Harviainen)
At the same time with the Book Fair, there will be the Antiquarian Literature Fair, the Science Fair, and the Food Fair (the ticket to all these events costs 14 €).

Update: A few of us will be gathering at the Brewery Restaurant Koulu on Saturday evening at 7 for dinner and drinks. If you’d like to join us, contact me (phone 040 861 9326).

Tamfan on Saturday

Ben and Irma holding a poster of Finncon 2006The Tamfan 2006 fantasy convention will be held this Saturday (September 30) in Tampere. This year’s theme is fandom, and the guests of honor are distinguished members Irma Hirsjärvi and Ben Roimola.

The con site is the student house of the Tampere university (Kauppakatu 10), and the doors open at 16:30.

(Unfortunately, the organizers scheduled the convention against another event, the Turku Book Fair.)

Friday, September 08, 2006


Yesterday’s pub meeting was full of smoffing. There was a lot of talk about what to do with local sf activities and the local sf club zine. Too bad there weren’t too many persons from the club itself to take part in the discussion. (Have to try and remember some of the more feasible ideas and write them down for later use.)

Finncon was remembered fondly (some memories published in the mafia fanzine too). Ideas for the Turku book fair were thrown in the air; some will probably come to fruition. Talk about Swecon (a couple of potential members) and Åcon (some new members for that too). Some wild ideas for future mafia events as well—we’ll see if anything comes out of that.

All in all a bit different evening, but a succesful one, I’d say.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Pub Meeting on Thursday

First Thursday of the month once again, and time to meet other Turku fen at the monthly pub meeting. Bar Bremer at six, as usual.

There will be fanzines: Turu Mafia Zine has some Finncon memoirs, and if you missed my one shot “FCZ” at Finncon and would like to have it, here’s your chance for that too.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Finncon GoH Filks

The lyrics to the filks that were sung at the Finncon evening party are now available on the net. The filks, written for the guests of honor, are: Bye bye to the body and mind (for Justina Robson), Festival of Freshwater Squid (for Jeff VanderMeer, there’s also a Finnish translation), Gubben Rickard (for Rickard Berghorn), and Sarasvatin hiekkaa (for Risto Isomäki).

Finlandia Award Nominees 2018

The Finlandia Award nominees for this year have been announced, and there are a couple of familiar sfnal names in the mix. Magdalena Hai’s K...