Saturday, April 14, 2007

Keep on Voting: GUFF

Johan in Helsinki, looking appreciativeNow that JETS has been taken care of (I hope you remembered to vote), it’s time to send another Nordic fan to the far corners of the Earth. The GUFF 2007 race is on.

GUFF (Going Under Fan Fund) was created in 1979 to provide funds to enable fans from Europe and Australasia to visit each other’s conventions. This year’s winner will visit  Convergence 2 in Melbourne in June.

I’ve voted for Johan Anglemark from Uppsala, and I suggest you do the same. Johan is a longtime fan who does the usual fanac (conrunning, fanzines, etc.). He is active in Nordic fandom, attending and organizing Snorfcons, going to cons, and making Finns feel welcome when visiting Swedish conventions.1) He’s well read, smart, and a great guy to sit down and have a beer and conversation with, be it sf books or any other of the numerous subjects he’s knowledgeable about. And one shouldn’t forget to mention he’s “charming, intelligent, and youthful”.2)

So send in your vote (details on the GUFF info page, as well as a PDF fanzine with interviews of all the candidates) by this Monday at midnight. And say hi to Johan when you see him—you can very likely do that at a Finncon.3) Also, another Swedish fan, Åka Davour, is running, and since she’s a very nice and intelligent person and an active fan, put her in the ballot too.

1) And he was one of Jukka’s nominators in the JETS race, so I think it’s only fair we Finns now support him.

2) But best not call him “attractive, godlike, and dazzling” so as not to embarrass him. (Did I get it right, Johan?)

3) Especially after this; now he just doesn’t dare not come…


jukkahoo said...

Let me endorse this fully and strongly! Vote Now, you know you want to.

Johan is mightily deserving to be the official GUFFaren to Australia. He is apparently half marsupial! Could be quarter-koala, too!

And not a bad word can be said about AnnaD aka Åka. Vote for both! Vote Now!

Johan A said...

I think you got it right, but I can't remember verbatim, so we'll have to leave it at that. (I am not godlike, so it's truthful at least.)

Yeah, of course I voted for Jukka in JETS. Wasn't enough, though, but the winner is a mighty fine fan too. I definitely want anyone who puts me first on the GUFF ballot to put Åka second. And if you put Åka first (she deserves that!), I don't complain if you put me second. But really, the other two candidates are excellent people too, so the most important thing is that you VOTE! (Says I, who won't vote myself...)

Thank you for your support! :)

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