Friday, September 04, 2009

Thursday Mafia Report

There was quite a crowd in Hirvi last night—apparently lots of folks watching the football game. We managed to find a table where all fit well enough, though (and far enough from the tv not to be disturbed by the sports or the sports fans). A nice amount of people attended, including one first-timer (and hopefully a new regular). Talked quite a bit about the line between hard and soft science fiction, the guests of next year’s Finncon, the book fair and possible programming for it, and other important things like pets, food, and so on.

There was some talk about possible meeting places nearer the city center (have to go and check some new places out once they open, although I think Hirvi worked pretty well even with the sports crowd), and a new sfnal activity was also invented: we decided to occasionally (about once a month, at least in the beginning) start having “sf lunches” at different places in town. More on this later, but if you’re interested in joining, drop me a note and I’ll inform you when the lunches start.

Next month’s mafia will be a special occasion, but more details later on that as well.


Anonymous said...

"Next month’s mafia will be a special occasion, but more details later on that as well."

So, when can we expect to get more information on this special thingie? Is it a new venue or something else that would be good to know well in advance.


Unknown said...

Jaana was planning hosting the event—I’ll contact her to see if the plan is still on and for details.

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