Saturday, July 26, 2008

Finncon – Friday

The Finncon Friday went as expected. I hear there was a lot of good quality programming in the science department as well as the writing one. Of course I missed all of that. But during the evening there was the mighty Finnconkampen: the tabletop ice hockey tournament.


The winner, once again, was Pasinen.

The Champion

The very nice Czech delegation to Finncon:


There was quite a good turnout on the terrace of the Telakka pub, discussing this and that about science fiction:



Tommy Persson said...

On Friday afternoon there was also a public lecture by Farah but it was very hard to find information about this on the English web site. I hope future Finncon organisers will provide more information about which parts of the program the days before Finncon are public or semi public.

Unknown said...

I'll pass your request to the next committees.

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