Saturday, July 26, 2008

Finncon: Saturday

Got to the convention center a couple of hours later than I’d originally planned (thanks to the party yesterday), but still with plenty of time to wander around the convention and catch a couple of program items.

Main entrance to Tamperetalo, people in cosplay costumes going in and out
Tampere-talo is working pretty well as a venue for Finncon. Inside, it’s not too crowded, and the air conditioning seems to be coping (if only barely) even though it’s rather hot outside.

Main Hallway, people wandering about
The main hallway is certainly a step up from the usual. Very nice.

A crowd gathered at a vendor table looking at various anime items on sale
The closer you get to the end where most of the anime programming (and vendor space) is, the hotter and more crowded it gets. Still, at least the whole place doesn’t look like this.

The Helsinki SF society and the Helsinki Uni sf club table, with zines, t-shirts, etc.—and a TARDIS standing behind the desk
The Helsinki societies brought a cool TARDIS to the con!

A view from the second floor to the lobby
There’s lots of lobby room and places to sit down for a bit of rest or chatting with people. The only thing missing is a decent bar (or if there is one, I haven’t found it yet).

Markku Soikkeli, Cheryl Morgan, Ben Roimola, Farah Mendlesohn, Mike Harrison, and Edward James behind a table discussing
Genre criticism panel. The panel was a bit unevenly composed: when you have four very knowledgeable critics, who in addition know each other well and very obviously have talked about these things before, the two Finns in the panel didn’t have much to contribute (and six is usually too many for a panel anyway). The panel didn’t stay on topic that well but contained a lot of interesting discussion anyway.

Jukkahoo in his Lipton suit talking to Farah Mendlesohn
Farah Mendlesohn was interviewed by “James Lipton”. A good talk that was way too short and felt hasty—this item should have had a slot twice the length it now was.

Sorsapuisto, lots of people in colorful costumes
The whole Sorsapuisto was overtaken by people in costumes. Thank goodness it wasn’t cold and rainy—it would have been a disaster if all those people would have tried to fit inside Tampere-talo!

That’s it for now; the evening party is about to start. More reporting later.

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