Thursday, March 03, 2005

Svenskatalande Bättre Fandom?

Another mafia evening tonight. There is one thing I think is unique to the Turku fandom gatherings (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong): We have a fandom that speaks both domestic languages. Tonight, once again, there was a lively discussion about movies and sf books worth reading that was held in a mix of Finnish and Swedish. There were participants that speak Swedish as their first language, and naturally, Finnish speakers also. And everyone was able to speak their own language and yet understand what the others were saying. Quite extraordinary, when you think about it.

Among other things: almost got a new member for Interaction (still a bit of work to do, but getting there). And we had an interesting discussion about Mike Mignola and Hellboy comics with Juha. There was also some talk about sf and the Atorox prize; we’ll see what that will amount to eventually.

Awards at Finncon

As usual, there were a few awards given out at Finncon last weekend in Turku. Here's a rundown of the results. Atorox The Atorox Awa...