Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Conclave Gathering

No, I really couldn’t care less about who the new pope is, and I certainly am not going to start blogging about that. But it just so happens that “Conklaavi” is also the name of a small annual fan-run role-playing and board games convention that is held in Turku. And it is next weekend. There will be a lot of gaming, of course, and also other programming items, such as panel discussions, debates, workshops and a medieval ball. Some items that might be interesting also from a sf point of view include a workshop to create better heroic fantasy stories and a discussion about worldbuilding based on different ethics and morals from our own. There will also be some local comics and comics zines on sale. The tickets cost 6 €/day or 10 €/2 days.

Speaking about comics, another thing happening next weekend is a meeting of the local comics people. Turun sarjakuvaseura (the comics society of Turku) will probably cease to exist due to lack of resources (read: interested persons with some time on their hands) to keep it going, but everyone interested in creating, reading and discussing comics is welcome in Cosmic Comic Café on Friday at 5 to discuss possible future activities.

Friday, April 08, 2005

A Strike of Pulp With Gunsmoke

Today, there was a guest star in our mafia: Juri Nummelin, editor of Ruudinsavu, Pulp, and Isku and editor and author of quite a few books, came to visit and tell us about all things pulp and western. We had a fun conversation, after which I (among others) ended up buying some of his zines and deciding to subscribe to new issues also. Quite a success, in other words.

In addition to that, the evening went mostly as usual. That is, chatting about all things (even including science fiction) and drinking beer.

People sitting along a long table, having fun
This used to be a police holding cell way back when. Much comfier nowadays, and with better service too.

A view of the table, with quite many fanzines showing
We wanted fanzines. And we received them. In abundance.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Pub Meeting in Turku on Thursday

It’s once again the first Thursday of the month in a couple of days, and that means an open pub meeting for all persons interested in sf.

We’re meeting in Bar Bremer (Uudenmaankatu 1) at 6 o’clock, and everyone is welcome. This month’s occasion will be especially worthy of attending for those that are interested in westerns and pulp literature—in addition to the normal sf-related discussions and drinking beer, of course.

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