Friday, April 08, 2005

A Strike of Pulp With Gunsmoke

Today, there was a guest star in our mafia: Juri Nummelin, editor of Ruudinsavu, Pulp, and Isku and editor and author of quite a few books, came to visit and tell us about all things pulp and western. We had a fun conversation, after which I (among others) ended up buying some of his zines and deciding to subscribe to new issues also. Quite a success, in other words.

In addition to that, the evening went mostly as usual. That is, chatting about all things (even including science fiction) and drinking beer.

People sitting along a long table, having fun
This used to be a police holding cell way back when. Much comfier nowadays, and with better service too.

A view of the table, with quite many fanzines showing
We wanted fanzines. And we received them. In abundance.
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