Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Conclave Gathering

No, I really couldn’t care less about who the new pope is, and I certainly am not going to start blogging about that. But it just so happens that “Conklaavi” is also the name of a small annual fan-run role-playing and board games convention that is held in Turku. And it is next weekend. There will be a lot of gaming, of course, and also other programming items, such as panel discussions, debates, workshops and a medieval ball. Some items that might be interesting also from a sf point of view include a workshop to create better heroic fantasy stories and a discussion about worldbuilding based on different ethics and morals from our own. There will also be some local comics and comics zines on sale. The tickets cost 6 €/day or 10 €/2 days.

Speaking about comics, another thing happening next weekend is a meeting of the local comics people. Turun sarjakuvaseura (the comics society of Turku) will probably cease to exist due to lack of resources (read: interested persons with some time on their hands) to keep it going, but everyone interested in creating, reading and discussing comics is welcome in Cosmic Comic Café on Friday at 5 to discuss possible future activities.



Anonymous Pasi Karppanen said...

Having just returned from CCC after spending there an hour looking for possible comics socity members, I must say I have very mixed feelings.

Is this the final proof that Turku Comics Society indeed is as dead and buried as everybody say it is? Pity, it would have been interesting to see what kind of characters socity is or rather was made of...

22 April, 2005 19:44  
Blogger Tero said...

Well, that's a shame. I've contacted one of the regulars and asked him if there are to be any activities in the near future. More info when it comes available.

22 April, 2005 23:06  
Anonymous TpM said...

There were meeting. It wasn't very visible because there were only two people this time. And I came little late. There's still seem to be some intrest to meetings. There will be new start of Turku Comics Society in near future if everything goes well.
Day and time might change as well as many other thing. People still needs meeting. Now we only need someone who again gathers those people in one place.

- TpM, Former responsible of Turku Comics Society.

23 April, 2005 00:57  

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