Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Conclave Gathering

No, I really couldn’t care less about who the new pope is, and I certainly am not going to start blogging about that. But it just so happens that “Conklaavi” is also the name of a small annual fan-run role-playing and board games convention that is held in Turku. And it is next weekend. There will be a lot of gaming, of course, and also other programming items, such as panel discussions, debates, workshops and a medieval ball. Some items that might be interesting also from a sf point of view include a workshop to create better heroic fantasy stories and a discussion about worldbuilding based on different ethics and morals from our own. There will also be some local comics and comics zines on sale. The tickets cost 6 €/day or 10 €/2 days.

Speaking about comics, another thing happening next weekend is a meeting of the local comics people. Turun sarjakuvaseura (the comics society of Turku) will probably cease to exist due to lack of resources (read: interested persons with some time on their hands) to keep it going, but everyone interested in creating, reading and discussing comics is welcome in Cosmic Comic Café on Friday at 5 to discuss possible future activities.
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