Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Jenny Kangasvuo Takes Portti Prize

The first prize of the 2005 Portti writing competition went to Jenny Kangasvuo for her short story Aalto nahan alla.

The second place was tied between Carita Forsgren and Anne Leinonen, and the third (should be fourth, actually) place was also tied, between Jenny Kangasvuo (again) and J.K. Miettinen (who also took second place in this year’s Atorox awards).

The Portti competition is the biggest annual sf short story competition in Finland. Congratulations to the winners!

(according to Netticolosseum)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

pub night

mafia tonight stop had beer stop not quite as many attendees as before stop still around a dozen stop maybe people saving it for christmas party on saturday stop

first ever “turu mafia zine” prize competition won by tomi stop will have better prizes in the future stop

speaking about christmas party—on saturday at seven stop do come stop lots of fun stop christmas food stop will bring industrial-strength mustard to go with ham stop ruffle, music, hot wine, etc stop

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