Thursday, May 05, 2005

Captain Euro

Today’s mafia had a bit of a slow start. But after a while, people started to turn up, and in the end there was the usual amount of crowd. Especially after a bunch of giggling girls appeared at the next table from the movies; from Seventh heaven, by the looks of them. Well, maybe not giggling girls. A respectable part of Turkufandom: adult, intelligent women all, I’m sure. Who just do a very good impression of giggling school girls. And I don’t just mean drawing a little heart in the guest book with “Orli” written inside…

And who’s Captain Euro, then? Apparently, he was supposed to be some kind of a super hero for the Unified Europe or something. I don’t remember who brought him up (Pasi, probably). But of course you could do things even with a lame-ass hero like that. Like have him throw his deadly euro coins at his enemies. (Who’d they be, I wonder? Maybe two sides of the same coin from the far east, Yen and Yuan. And naturally, a certain arrogant red-white-and-blue guy we all know.) Also, you could teach finance to kids: Captain Euro’s coins are so strong they are the only thing that can pierce Captain America’s shield. But only when the euro is actually stronger than the US dollar. What fine education that would make: “Now, kids all around America: remember to spend money and get the economy rising, so Captain America could finally beat Captain Euro!”

Yes, a lot of fine discussion tonight. At least we didn’t giggle.
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