Thursday, June 09, 2005

Summer Activities

What to do in the summer? Of course there are lots of “ordinary” activities, like going to the beach, hanging out in an outdoors café with friends, and so on. But one needs sfnal activity also. I’ve listed here some fannish events and other stuff of interest for this summer. I’m sure I’ve missed something (comments and additions are welcome), but one would think these would be enough for everybody to find at least something. So, if you happen to be around, stop by and meet other fen!

ESC Summer Picnic
June 11, 16.00

The Espoo science fiction society ESC organizes a picnic to Kauniainen (“the mystical missing city”). Everyone who can be bothered to drag themselves to Espoo is invited.

Midnight Sun Film Festival
June 15 to 19, Sodankylä

The film festival isn’t an sf event per se, but this year one of the guests is Roy Ward Baker, a filmmaker with quite a few sf merits (for example, Quatermass and the Pit and The Vampire Lovers).

June 17 to 19, Göteborg, Sweden

Ok, so this isn’t a fandom happening in Finland. But at least three Finns are participating (Jukka, Ben and myself), so it counts. Guest of honor is Charles Stross. Swecon is a totally different animal from Finncon: it’s much smaller and the target audience is the active fandom. Should be fun, again.

Fantasia nyt (Fantasy Now)
July 1 to 3, Oriveden opisto

A weekend workshop for fantasy writers, taught by Markku Soikkeli, Anne Leinonen, Liisa Rantalaiho and Sari Peltoniemi. Admission is 130 € (it includes accommodation and meals), so this is only for those serious about improving their writing skills.

Update: unfortunately, the workshop was cancelled due to lack of attendees.

Kesäretki Suomenlinnaan (Summer picnic to Suomenlinna)
July 9, Helsinki

I don’t actually remember seeing a confirmation about the date, but traditionally it would be this. The fandom is invited to an informal picnic to Suomenlinna, an 18th century sea fortress on the islands just off Helsinki.

Huviretki tienpientareelle (Roadside Picnic)
July 16, Tampere

The traditional Finnish relaxcon that was revived last summer after a few years’ absence. Takes place in Tampere, on Viikinsaari island. No official programming (although for example, last year there was the traditionally fannish paper airplane building and throwing competition). Usually there’s a ruffle, but mainly there’s a barbeque and just meeting other fen. This would be an excellent opportunity to meet fen from all over Finland. Organized by Spektre.

July 22 to 24, Espoo

The largest role-playing event in Finland, Ropecon nowadays attracts over 3000 attendees. This year’s GoHs are Greg Stafford, Bill Bridges and Claus Raasted. If these names say anything to you, or you are otherwise into role-playing, larping or card or board gaming, this might be the event for you. This year, the con’s theme is new weird: “the crossing point where the grey of an ordinary day becomes magic and fey descend into fast-food employees,” as the organizers put it.

Attendance is 10 €/day, or 20 € for the whole event.

August 4 to 8, Glasgow

Not in Finland, obviously, but the main event of the year for quite many fen here, too. It’s been too long since the previous time, and it’s still not too late to decide to go…

Bicycle Picnic
First weekend of August, Turku

This is only a rumor yet, but there’s supposed to be a bicycle picnic on the worldcon weekend in Turku. A small comfort, if you aren’t in Glasgow, though.

Tähtivaeltaja-päivä (Tähtivaeltaja Day)
September 10, Helsinki

The second third minicon under the umbrella of the Tähtivaeltaja zine, held in Dubrovnik (thanks for the corrections, Jukka), a former movie theatre in Helsinki. GoH M. John Harrison.

September 17, Turku

The Atorox award and Nova competition results are announced in a minicon in Turku. Usually there’s been a panel discussion or two after the awards ceremonies, and after that, people gather in a pub. Quite a few of the Finnish sf writers usually attend the event.

In addition to these events, there are also the regular pub meatings: in Turku you can find fen in Bar Bremer on the first Thursday of every month.


jukkahoo said...

Yes, I'm coming to Swecon (and apparently I'm from Åbo (

And the place for Tähtivaeltaja day is of course Dubrovnik, not Dubrovna. And if my memory serves me correctly, this is at least the third TV-day, not second.

Then again, I'm very drunk at the moment. See you next Thursday!

Johan A said...

Regarding WorldCon memberships, they are expensive by now, but can be had relatively cheap from Americans who realize they can't make it after all. Most memberships are offered for sale in the Interaction Livejournal community.

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