Friday, January 27, 2006

Happy Birthday, Fandom

Today marks the 30th anniversary of organized . That’s when the Turku Science Fiction Society was founded.

Picture: Jukka Halme on a morning talk show today. Talking about fandom. On national tv. So there.
Jukkahoo and talk show host talking on a sofa

I thought it was an excellent interview, both Jukka and the interviewer did very well. The tone was relaxed, and the interviewer seemed genuinely interested in the subject (instead of trying to look down her nose at the freaks). They talked about what gets people into fandom, the nature of science fiction and fantasy, what kinds of people are involved (all kinds), the TSFS anniversary, and the friendliness of the people in fandom. Notice also the setup: including the very stylish Finncon 2006 t-shirt (so the con was kinda part of the show, even if Jukka lamented not talking about the con), the Finnish sf zines on the table and Jukka’s “Live long and prosper” quilt on the sofa. Well done!

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