Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Emperor Pirk and May 1st

‘Aika on ohi’—Pirk standing in the Star Wreck vappu posterPirk, the Emperor of the working class and the most devastating of all great Finnish leaders, will start up the official May 1st (vappu) celebrations in Tampere next Saturday. Pirk is the friend of every worker—at least as long as the worker is cheap, hardworking and obedient. Spectators will be treated to an Imperial presentation, the official welcome by Emperor James B. Pirk, the hymn of the P-alliance and a thank you–speech from Energia production house and the Star Wreck crew. Official Emperor Pirk balloons will be given out.

If you happen to be in Tampere on April 30, go visit the stage of the old library house park at 4 PM to start the Vappu in an sfnal way.

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