Friday, June 02, 2006

First Thursday Talk

A pretty good turnout at mafia yesterday, including some who don’t regularly visit, which is always good. Here are some topics missed by those who weren’t present (and some who left too early):

  • reminiscing about old conventions
  • Finnish sf short stories today
  • Eurovision (although very briefly, since it’s been talked to death already, but anyway: go Lordi!)
  • how to get new people to join fandom and participate
  • funny or stupid (or usually both) videos and comics found on the net
  • the state of TSFS and the things the society could do (ironically, no representatives of the society were present at the time)
  • ideas for future fandom events

All in all, a very good evening. Time flew by unnoticed into the wee hours. See you again next month!

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