Friday, September 08, 2006


Yesterday’s pub meeting was full of smoffing. There was a lot of talk about what to do with local sf activities and the local sf club zine. Too bad there weren’t too many persons from the club itself to take part in the discussion. (Have to try and remember some of the more feasible ideas and write them down for later use.)

Finncon was remembered fondly (some memories published in the mafia fanzine too). Ideas for the Turku book fair were thrown in the air; some will probably come to fruition. Talk about Swecon (a couple of potential members) and Åcon (some new members for that too). Some wild ideas for future mafia events as well—we’ll see if anything comes out of that.

All in all a bit different evening, but a succesful one, I’d say.


Blogger Fantastix said...

To bad I had no chance attending but are there many attending the Swecon next month.

At least I will attend. But it would be nice travellin together with other attenders.

08 September, 2006 12:20  
Blogger Tero said...

There’s been talk about arranging a group trip to Swecon. Will let everyone know here if that becomes reality.

08 September, 2006 12:23  
Anonymous Olav M.J. Christiansen said...

About Finncon, I posted a few pictures on this page:

Haven't had time to add any comments, though...

10 September, 2006 20:01  

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