Thursday, October 05, 2006

Thursday Things

  • zombie lemons are scary to some
  • Åcon will be great and have many participants; we will probably have to fend off all the people wanting to join at the door; this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t join up right now, though
  • people have strange experiences with the customs office, having tried to bring things like lightsabers or indian chief head gear into the country
  • it can pay to pose as a royalty when traveling abroad (even a Finnish royalty)
  • understanding the thing about the 30 euro bills can be difficult
Yes, today’s mafia was one of those evenings. In addition to the topics above, I present you some speculative fiction from our guest book; that is, titles for the Risto Isomäki bestseller book from alternate realities:
  • Sarasvatin miekka (the jolly sword and sorcery romp)
  • Sarasvatin keikka (the noir crime story in the style of Donald Westlake)
  • Sarasvati breikkaa (the music industry–themed YA novel)
  • Sarasvatilla leikkaa (the detective story)
  • Sarasvati meikkaa (the chic lit book)
  • Sairas vaatii Kreikkaan (the gripping drama)
  • Sarasvuo feikkaa (the cynical analysis of trendy business world)
There were many more, but my fingers are tired, so I’ll spare you. Good night.

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