Sunday, January 21, 2007

Loki Books Ceases Operations

Loki Books will stop publishing new books this spring. Founder and manager Niko Aula says, “Book sales circle around very few titles— —there is not much room for new books and so it’s time to stop being a publisher.”

This is very sad news. Loki was one of the best publishing houses in Finland and, despite its small size, produced some of the most interesting titles published in Finnish. During its almos 20 years in business, Loki has brought to us Finns such names as J.G. Ballard, Iain M. Banks, Stefano Benni, Italo Calvino, Jonathan Carroll, Simon Ings, Jonathan Lethem, Ken MacLeod and Jeff VanderMeer. It has also published Finnish sf authors, like Kimmo Lehtonen and Jyrki Vainonen (for example his novel Perintö which won the Kuvastaja award for last year’s best fantasy novel).

I raise my glass to Loki, and hope others (Kirjava and Like come to mind) will continue the struggle to get good sf out in Finnish.

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