Thursday, March 01, 2007

28 Days Later

Four weeks since the previous Turku pub meeting, and a dozen-or-something people present in Bar Bremer tonight. Listed are some of the dates discussed during the evening. The pizzas were excellent tonight, by the way.

  • March 3: the annual Finnish smoffing event in Tampere. Four (maybe five) persons attending from Turku
  • March 10: the deadline for nominating short stories for the Atorox award (the new rules were considered, mainly favorably)
  • 2000: we were supposed to have flying cars and personal jet packs by now
  • 1995: Finland won the ice hockey world championship (4–1, the bartender enlightened us). Den glider in…
  • June 4, 1867: Mannerheim was born. In Louhisaari. Visit there this summer, and Suvi will tell you all about it
  • February 16, 2007: a PhD dissertation in Turku by Sofia Sjö about gender roles and science fiction (at Åbo Akademi). The hero of the hour wasn’t present so we had to settle for talking about her behind her back
  • Summer, 2007: a party, or at least we were promised one
  • October, 2007: The book fair. Lots of programming. Sfnal activities planned
  • 2008: Eurocon in Moscow (a group invasion planned)

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