Friday, May 04, 2007

New Fandom

Congratulations to Saija & Eemeli who yesterday evening succesfully brought two new members to ! The little girl and the little boy were described by Ipa as “ridiculously cute and perfectly perfect”.


Johan A said...

Wohoo! Congratulations! I hope it still will be able for both parents to attend Åcon! It would be awesome to get to see the wee ones.

jukkahoo said...

Congrats congrats from Tali, too! Ditto regarding Åcon.

This brings the total number of new fen from Metropolitan area fandom for the 3rd of May to three, as Ylva Wahlström delivered a spanking newborn into this version of Earth!

Congrats to simply EVERYBODY, too!

jukkahoo said...

And the 3,6 kg and 51 cm model (hatsize 34) is a she. Mazel tov!

Olav M.J. Christiansen said...

Heyyyy ... congrats from Denmark :-)
Hope we'll see the two new fen at Eurocon 2007.

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