Friday, August 03, 2007

Old & New

An anniversary mafia today: congratulations to Harri on his 50th! We had wine in honor of the birthday boy and it was sweet. The book fair planning progressed promisingly; it looks like there will be some sf programming at this year’s Turku book fair.

Also, some new people! Welcome to Riina & Jukka who’ve just moved to Turku from Joensuu (and to Maarit who also recently came from there)! Their loss, our gain.

Biggest mafia zine ever: 18 pages! In my time, I’ve edited several issues of Spin that were smaller than that… Must restrain myself better in the future.

The Viikinsaari picnic is in two days. See you there!


Anonymous said...

I'd like to get the new mafiazine, please bring one (bring several?) to the Roadside Picnic.

Tero said...

Will do.

Usvazine said...

I would also like one. I´ll bring something in exchange.

Tero said...

I'm bringing a few copies, and reserve one for you.

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