Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Helsinki Book Fair

The Helsinki book fair is this weekend. The traditional Science Fiction Sunday will be there as usual, but there are interesting items to see on other days too. Some excerpts from the program below.
  • Anne Leinonen talks with readers, Fri 14:00
  • Takauma (“Flashback”), Fri 15:30
    A discussion between Mirjam Lohi and Tiina Raevaara
  • Jani Saxell at the sf booth, Sat 14:00
  • J. Pekka Mäkelä at the sf booth, Sat 15:00
  • Tiina Raevaara at the sf booth, Sun 14:00
  • Petri Hiltunen at the sf booth, Sun 15:00
  • Eräänä päivänä tyhjä taivas, Sun 15:30
    Tiina Raevaara interviewed about her debut novel
  • Tieteis- ja fantasiakirjallisuuden monet maailmat (“The many worlds of science fiction and fantasy”), Sun 16:00
    Panel discussion: Hannu Blommila, Jani Saxell, Viivi Hyvänen, J. Pekka Mäkelä
  • The Kuvastaja award, Sun 16:50
    The award for best Finnish fantasy book published in 2007
  • Velhon uskontunnustus (“The creed of a wizard”), Sun 17:00
    Esko Miettinen talks about the common themes in fantasy and the Bible
The Helsinki science fiction fandom has a booth at the fair (1b20). Go visit them if you attend the fair!

There’s also a lot of comics programming at the fair, and the Comics Society of Finland has a booth. Kvaak has details.

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