Sunday, May 24, 2009

Back from Åcon

Åcon 3 is succesfully over and I’m back home. Despite the very sparse programming, there really wasn’t much down time at the convention for blogging and such stuff, so there haven’t been regular updates. Will try to post some thought on the convention later. Meanwhile, here are the things I posted on Twitter on Friday and Saturday:

These are the ongoing twitterings of the sf convention Åcon, its four-day mission to drink strange new bheers. To seek out new books and sfnal conversations. To boldly smof where no one has smoffed before.


  • 08:34 At breakfast. #
  • 09:50 Åbout to go on a tour to Stållhågen Brewery. #
  • 13:02 Back from the brewery. Burp. #
  • 14:15 Today's surprise hit is the ice cream the lobby bar sells. #
  • 18:00 The Gothenburg fen arrived and presented Åcon with Tentakelpriset for bridging caps in fandom, awarded in June 2010. #
  • 18:49 The state of Swedish science fiction (or rather the lack of it) is being lamented. #
  • 19:10 Marianna waxing lyrical about current sf & f in Finland. #
  • 19:45 3 panelists with laptops - I wonder if anyone notices me mentioning they abandoned the topic quite a while ago, talking about how to start writing instead
  • 19:50 As soon as I had tweeted the previous comment, Ben (not with a laptop) got the panel a bit more back on track. #
  • 22:23 Jukka's quiz show starting by designating the volunteers to compete and delivering various instruments that make noise. #
  • 03:09 Bar closed a while ago; crowd migrated to room party. Nobody painted green yet but there's always tomorrow. #


  • 14:42 The Finncon association meeting v. productive. #
  • 15:17 The copyright panel got much more interesting after getting the mandatory Mickey Mouse and copyright companies gripe over with. #
  • 16:09 GoH is doing wonderful things. #
  • 21:33 Will find out what "Sci Fi Babble" means. #
  • 21:34 Skipped the banquet, but the alternative meal was very good, and accompanied by very entertaining conversation. #
  • 21:35 Hmm, seems to be "Sci Fi Babbel," actually. No wiser yet, though. #
  • 21:51 In scifi båbbel the audience gets to vote whether the competitors are being boring. Should be included in regular panels as well! #
  • 01:57 Great game show, good chats in the bar. Room party. @JohanJ being painted green. There are pictures. #
  • 02:32 The post-midnight Incredible Hulk photo shoot. #
  • 03:41 Need... sleep... must... leave... room... party... #

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