Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Blood for TSFS

The Turku Science Fiction Society today selected a new board for the next year. The new chairman of the society is Milla Aalto, and with her on the board are Julia Tamminen, Fanny Viitaharju, Aleksi Laine, Pasi Karppanen, Kari Pahula, Leila Paananen, Ida Busk, Camilla Kantola, and Antti Oksanen.

The society had recently announced a problem with finding new active fen, but the situation is clearly improving. There are many new names in the board, and a few of the new people are young (some still in high school) and new to fandom. Hopefully this means a lot of new ideas and enthusiasm for the society (but not at the expense of ignoring those who have been active for a longer time) for years to come. Welcome to fandom!
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