Saturday, July 17, 2010

Finncon: Friday

The first day of Finncon is behind us. Didn’t actually manage to catch much of the programming, but there seemed to be a good crowd (the Kirjailijatalo terrace, where the program was—quite sensibly—moved from the inside, was a bit small and not everybody could fit in, but inside the house would have been just too hot).

There was some excellent media publicity today—Finncon got the front page of the culture section of Helsingin Sanomat! There was a big article about Pat Cadigan (an excerpt is available online), a review of Mielenpeli (Mindplayers, published just in time for the con), and also an article about Ellen Kushner. The convention was also mentioned in regional newspapers. Go us!

Things like organizing some last minute changes to the weekend schedule, battling with the technology, and moving the GoHs to another hotel better equipped to handle this weather (air conditioning, yay!) took most of the day, but I did manage to catch parts of the Hugo discussion. It was very entertaining, witty and informative, like you can expect from Cheryl, Jukkahoo, Kisu, and Tommy. (Note to future organizers: this is a program item you can, and should, have each year!)

After the “official” hours, it was time to move to Sohwi for the traditional Friday evening gettogether. A lot of familiar faces, and some new ones. Food, a couple of beers and relaxed conversation in good company; just what the doctor ordered. And got some planning done for Åcon 5 as well! A good first day.

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