Friday, October 01, 2010

Turku Book Fair 2010

The Turku International Book Fair started today. This year we have a special sfnal guest: to celebrate the publication of the Finnish edition of Ink, Hal Duncan is visiting Turku. You can meet him, along with many other interesting writers, today at the “Book Fair Evening Mass”, organized by the Like, Sammakko, and Savukeidas publishers, at Club Dynamo (from 7 PM onward).

Hal will also, naturally, be at the Book Fair. Below are some examples of the many interesting program items you can see this weekend:

  • 10:30 Boris Hurtta interview (Fiore-lava)
  • 11:30 Boris Hurtta at the TSFS booth
  • 12:10 Comics creators on stage / Ilkka Heilä, Pentti Jarla, and Juba Tuomola
  • 13:00 Pekka Manninen at the TSFS booth
  • 13:30 Turbator show / Boris Hurtta, Juri Nummelin, Petri Laine, Petri Salin, and others (Turku-lava)
  • 13:50 Hal Duncan interview (Agricola-lava)
  • 14:30 Myths in the arts (kokoustila 3)
  • 15:00 Like & TSFS sf seminar “Spotlight on Hal Duncan” (kokoustila 1–2)
  • 15:45 Hal Duncan signing at the Like / Rosebud booth
  • 16:00 Hal Duncan kaffeeklatch at the TSFS booth
  • 16:30 Limits of political humor in literature / Pertti Jarla & others (kokoustila 3)
  • 11:00 Women’s comics morning (Agricola-lava)
  • 11:00 Jukka Laajarinne interview (Fiore-lava)
  • 11:50 Jani Saxell (& others) interview (Fiore-lava)
  • 13:10 Pertti Jarla interview (Arktinen Banaani)
  • 14:00 The roots of Finnish horror literature (kokoustila 1–2)
  • 14:50 Astronomy in Turku (Porthan-lava)
  • 16:10 Kalevala and pop culture (Porthan-lava)
The full program (in Finnish) can be found on the Book Fair site.

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Ranjeet said...

Nice to see Hal Ducan is visiting Turku,Finland for this Fair.I am fan of him and his writing.His Writing "Vellum" which describes war between hell and heaven is wonderful.Turku Book fair 2010's schedule is interesting.I wish if i was there.I am sure everyone had a wonderful time over there.

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