Friday, April 08, 2011

Comics Finlandia 2011 to Kati Kovács and Heikki Paakkanen

The annual Comics Finlandia award for best Finnish comics album was announced today at the Tampere Kuplii comics festival. This year, there are two winners: Kati Kovács for Kuka pelkää Nenian Ahnavia? and Heikki Paakkanen for Amerikka.

The winners were selected by artist M.A. Numminen who said about the winners,
Kati Kovács’s work is close to the ideal Numminen held in his youth: strange and surprising. The improvised-looking style is also charming enough to be a winner.

Heikki Paakkanen, in his book Amerikka, creates intriguing contrasts on the United States and uses cliches to his, and the reader’s, advantage. The art is as fine as always in Paakkanen’s works, and personal enough to stand above the masses.
The award sum is 5 000 €. The Comics Finlandia award is given by the Tampere Kuplii ry. and Luova Tampere.

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