Friday, August 31, 2012

Worldcon Dreams

Apparently there is now a bid for a Worldcon in Helsinki in 2015. And it’s open for people who want to be pre-supporters (20 €) or friends of the bid (80 €).

Unlike the Wårldcon bid, this one isn’t a hoax but a real bid, although I don’t think anybody—not even Eemeli—really expects it to have any chance of winning. Maybe it will serve as an exercise for the future, though (I know there are at least a handful of people who really do want to organize a Worldcon in Finland, and a couple of them might even have some idea what that would really mean), or at least as a fun project.

At the moment, the bid committee consists of Eemeli Aro, Jukka Halme, and Kristoffer Lawson. Eemeli is currently at the Chicago Worldcon, so if you’re there and this interests you, I’m sure he’d be happy to discuss this further.


Anonymous said...

Crazy or not, this is probably the best way to learn how such things are done. Also it brings the 'idea' of a Finnish Worldcon into people's consciousness.
Be carful Eemeli - One of these days you're going to suceed and then we'll all be in the S.....T!

Cheryl said...

Well they don't have much chance of winning. They've only given themselves a year to campaign, and they are jumping into the middle of a hotly-contested race. They would have been much better off targeting 2016 when the vote would be in London.

Juha Kuikka said...

Just met Eemeli at the con. Best of luck for the bid!

Cheryl, that's what I said to Eemeli. Plus having the vote in Europe might give a nice edge since there will be much more europeans there. :)

- Kuikka

Kristoffer Lawson said...

I think a lot of projects like this start from not thinking through everything (as that is always daunting). The first steps have now been taken, and if this is a project with genuine interest, there'll be nothing stopping it as the ball starts moving.

A lot of respect from me to Eemeli for pushing this through, instead of thinking about it. As saare-snowqueen mentioned, this will now be lodged in the consciousness of fandom. Let's see how it plays out.

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