Saturday, December 01, 2012

Portti Short Story Competition 2012

The Tampere Science Fiction Society has traditionally kept very quiet about the results of their annual short story competition, but from the URS Facebook update we learn about this year’s results. The results are:

  1. Janne Juhani Kuusinen: Todistaja (2000 €)
  2. (tie) Katri Laukkanen: Kierto (500 €)
    Tero Niemi: Kasvottomien kellojen Ursula (500 €)
  3. Shimo Suntila: Milla ja Meri (300 €)

The award for the winner is 2000 euros; the total sum of the awards divided between the winners and honorary mentions is 4200 euros. The award jury was: professor Frans Mäyrä, editor Kanerva Eskola, and Portti editor Raimo Nikkonen. Congratulations to the winners!

Updated with info from FSFWA (story names and price sums); more info there.

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