Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Free Finnish Weird Publication

Finnish writers now create fiction that is a phenomenal mixture of sf, fantasy, horror, surrealism, magic realism—you name it. It’s highly original, fresh and surprising, sometimes it celebrates elements of our rich folklore and mythos, sometimes it soars sky-high in sf worlds, sometimes the stories are almost realistic, but have that little weirdness or twist that makes them something other than mimetic writing.

(quote from Johanna Sinisalo’s introduction)

Finnish Weird is a free one-off (at least for now) magazine published by the Helsinki Science Fiction Society. It introduces the concept of “Finnish Weird”, showcases a few writers and also includes two short stories. The printed version will be available on select occasions (come and look for us at Worldcon!), but you can also get an electronic version, either as a pdf or an ebook (epub).

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