Monday, December 15, 2014

Portti Competition 2014

The results of the annual Portti competition were announced in Tampere on Friday. The top 3 this year is:

  1. Didin historiat by Oskari Rantala
  2. Paha, maahasi pakene by Lotta Dufva
  3. (tie) Takaisin valoon by Inkeri Kontro
    (tie) Punainen professori by Maarit Leijon
photo: Markku Soikkeli
Markku Soikkeli has written a report of the awards ceremony and the current state of the competition (in Finnish). Unfortunately the city of Tampere is ending their support for short story competitions, but the Tampere Science Fiction Society promises that the competition—that celebrates its 30th anniversary next year—will continue nevertheless.

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