Saturday, August 01, 2015

Jukkahoo for GUFF

Jukka standing before Kaapelitehdas at Finncon 2013 wearing a leopard fez
My friend and co-conspirator in fandom Jukka Halme is running for GUFF. That means the Going Under Fan Fund, which exists to provide funds to enable well-known fans from Europe and Australasia to visit each other’s national (or other) conventions and to get to know each other’s fandoms better.

Who gets to be the GUFF delegate is decided by fandom voting for their favorite. Jukka is running unopposed (the other choice is hold-over funds which means no delegate would be sent next year), but you should still go and vote since the vote includes a donation, which in turn makes the whole fund possible.

Jukka getting hugged from behind. Or is that a strangle hold?
Give Jukka some love.
Vote for GUFF!
Jukka is a perfect choice for representing the Finnish fandom in Australia. He’s done a great deal for finndom, including running conventions, writing, editing, interviewing, networking, and speaking about fandom around the world. He is also already pretty well known around Europe; he’s been the fan guest of honor of a couple of Eurocons (in Sweden, and this year in Russia). The Australian fandom has visited Finland on a few occasions (and Australian fen are great), but very few Finns (at least that I know of) have returned the favor. It’s time to correct that and send this jolly good fellow to visit the Aussies!

In other words: go forth and vote! And since Jukka and I are co-chairs for next year’s Åcon I kinda need him to be able to come back as well, so give generously!

Here’s Jukka on a recent podcast talking to Shaun Duke. And last year a few of us did a Finnish sf discussion on the Skiffy and Fanty Show. You can also find Jukka on Twitter and Facebook.

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