Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Atorox Award to Magdalena Hai

The winner of the Atorox award (for best Finnish sf short story published last year) was announced at Finncon. This year the award went to the short story Kaunis Ululian (“Beautiful Ululian”) by Magdalena Hai, published in the Osuuskumma anthology Kristallimeri.

Heikki Nevala, Jussi Katajala, Oskari Rantala, J.S. Meresmaa,
Janos Honkonen, and Magdalena Hai. Photo by Pasi Karppanen

The top 3 this year was:
  1. Magdalena Hai: Kaunis Ululian (Kristallimeri. Osuuskumma)
  2. Oskari Rantala: Didin historiat (Portti 4/14)
  3. Tuukka Tenhunen: Ugrilainen tapaus (Spin 4/14)
Osuuskumma continues to dominate the Finnish sf short fiction scene: no less than seven of the top 10 stories were published in their anthologies. The Portti and Spin fanzines published one story each, and one was published in Anne Leinonen’s collection Pienen rasian jumala.

There were 20 short stories in the short list (nominated by Finnish fandom; all published stories were eligible), and 62 persons participated in the voting. The award is given by the Turku Science Fiction Society.

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