Friday, January 07, 2005

New Year, Old Faces

The year’s first mafia didn’t seem to get to a very good start—there were only Mika and I present. And the kitchen was closed due to the holidays, so there wouldn’t be any food. But then along came Ben, after him a couple of others, and soon there was a room full of sf people. Even Juha (Jalonen, an old fandom active from the beginning of the 90s) paid a visit. And they still served beer, so things were all right.

We talked a lot of horror movies (tried to find out if there are any good ones), the extra material on DVDs (it seems some people actually watch them), fanzines, too skinny women, etc. The girls in our table talked also about some girly stuff that none of the guys cared about, so I didn’t really listen (you know, cars and stuff).

Other things probably not worth mentioning: the ”stupid humanist editor-in-chief contest”. (I didn’t make up the name. Honestly! And I don’t know who won, so don’t ask.) Also somebody mentioned that pantyhose don’t taste very good. There’s probably a story behind that remark, but I really don’t want to know, thank you very much.

A somewhat productive evening, also. I got to deliver the history of Tutka, that I finally finished, to the editor. Expect a 10-year-celebration publication of the society in January. Also, it seems my column for Spin is still welcome under the new management. And there might even be some co-operation with the science fiction writers’ association in the future.

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