Monday, January 31, 2005

Meet a Finnish Sf Book

Not many Finnish sf books get translated (not that there are that many to start with). Besides the most obvious choice, and probably easiest to find, Troll by Johanna Sinisalo, another one you should perhaps take a look at—should you be interested in Finnish sf—is Leena Krohn’s Tainaron.

Jeff VanderMeer speaks quite highly of Tainaron on his blog:
I recently read Leena Krohn’s Tainaron, a brilliant short novel in the form of a series of letters home from an anonymous narrator visiting a city populated by intelligent, human-sized insects. It’s Kafkaesque territory, although Krohn’s vision is somehow more emotional and evocative than most of Kafka.——I just flat-out love this novel.——This is an important author who should be more widely known in the United States.
If your local bookseller doesn’t carry the book, you can get it from Amazon (US or UK).

Update: Tainaron also appears on Jeff VanderMeer’s Best of the Year list on Locus online.

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