Thursday, February 03, 2005

Fannish activities

There was a new attendance record in today’s mafia: 18 persons were present, among them some really old faces not seen in fandom in a while. (If you happen to read this, that wasn’t a comment on your current appearance…)

The mafia meetings are gradually getting an identity of their own. The latest issue of Spin was on display today (140 pages, yay!), and the attendees were given a copy of Tutka’s 10-year-anniversary publication. Also, there was bookcrossing and a fanzine made especially for the occasion (Turu Mafia Zine—don’t tell me there aren’t any fanzines in Finland any more…).

These gatherings are also very handy for organizing things with people you don’t usually see—at least all at once. In this case, giving out the books we ordered together to all participants. And arranging rides to the Finnish sf societies’ co-operation meeting (the national smofcon of sorts).

PS A piece of unrelated news: last Friday, there was a PhD dissertation defence about Finnish trolls in Åbo Akademi. To be more exact, Camilla Asplund Ingemark has researched the world of trolls according to the beliefs in the folklore of Swedish-speaking Finns. Helsingin Sanomat has more on the subject. And Enhörningen, of course.


jukkahoo said...

OK. If a person who was unable to attend this momentous occasion would like to obtain a copy of Tutka's decennary publication and Turu Mafia Zine, what'd be the appropriate method of pursuing these?

Tero said...

Tutka’s publication will be available at future Finnish sf events for a very reasonable price. The fanzine, on the other hand… maybe we can work something out. :)

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