Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Things To Do: September

There are a couple of sf events in September worth noting: ESCON takes place in Helsinki on Friday, September 9. It’s organized by the Espoo science fiction society ESC and targets mainly 16–20-year-olds, but everyone is free to attend.

The program starts at 4 PM. There is a panel for those who have read the Harry Potters and want to find more books to read, a presentation about movies made into books (and the other way around), and an exiting fairy tale draw-and-tell by Petri Hiltunen. The big names of the event are authors Johanna Sinisalo and M. John Harrison. There’s also a literary workshop in collaboration with the Finnish sf writers’ association.

The following day (Saturday, September 10), there is a minicon in Helsinki, the Tähtivaeltaja Day. It is held in the Dubrovnik Lounge from noon to 6 PM. Guest of Honor is M. John Harrison. Other program participants include a lot of the usual suspects. There are Q&A session with Johanna Sinisalo and Harrison, panel discussions about movie turkeys, upcoming Finnish sf writers, extemist movements in sf and the relationship of real life, politics and science fiction. Also, a quiz show by Jukka ”Kaskelotti” Halme. The evening party will be in Ravintola Kirja from 8.

The following weekend, the Atorox award for the best Finnish sf short story of 2004 and the Nova competition prices will be presented in Turku in the Atonova minicon. The event takes place on Saturday September 17 at 3 PM (and not 2, like some shoddy fanzines have reported). Atonova is organized by TSFS and STK. There are a couple of panel discussions about writing sf, some feedback from this year’s Nova competition judges and a panel discussion with Atorox and Nova winners. After-hours party will be at Cosmic Comic Café (from half past seven).

All the events are free to attend.


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