Thursday, May 04, 2006

Poor Little Hugo

The Hugo award short story discussion at mafia tonight pretty much didn’t happen, as only a couple of persons had read the nominees. The first place in our vote went to Margo Lanagan’s Singing My Sister Down (even though I had to vote a few times to make sure the right nominee won). On second place (or first, if you want to get all uptight about only allowing one vote per person) was The Clockwork Atom Bomb by Michael A. Burstein. It’s clear that this year’s nominees didn’t generate much passion among the Turku fandom; maybe it’s time to stop these short story themes at least for a while.

Zine #12 was mostly about Justina Robson: I’d written a short introduction and also a review of Natural History (medium-length story short: wonderful book; read it). Also part 1 of my Atorox diary. Not as many nominees covered as I had hoped, but there’s still time for the rest of them.

All in all, a fairly succesful pub meeting. Things talked about included super-hero comics, Finnish sf short stories, upcoming Finncon and old tv series, and quite a few other subjects.
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