Friday, July 27, 2007

Finncon Products at Viikinsaari

 If you’re coming to the Viikinsaari picnic a week from now (and why wouldn’t you be), you will have an opportunity to purchase some official Finncon 2007 merchandise there (see pictures). The friendly Finncon organizers are bringing some over just for you.

Although this was the first Finncon shirt ever I didn’t purchase myself (because I think they are just fugly), you should of course judge for yourself. And if you like them, seize the opportunity and get some!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ugly?! I thought the picture of the cow was great. I can remember many Finncon t-shirts with pictures that were not that much to my liking, but this definitely isn't one of them.


27 July, 2007 20:32  
Blogger Tero said...

Well, as I said, to each their own. I’m glad someone liked them.

27 July, 2007 22:38  

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