Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Finncon Fever

Finncon fever might be in the rise. The Finnish party at Eurocon got very positive feedback and I think many more international fen are now aware of Finncon than before. According to one Eurocon report the best thing at the con was the Finncon 2009 ad that said George R.R. Martin is one of the Guests of Honor. We might have a reason to expect many more international fen at the 2009 con than usual. (And I’m hoping Finncon 2008 will see a surge of international members as well.)

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val said...

Terve! I can speak for myself that I'm an international fan attending Finncon 08--and my fiance is coming too, so that makes two of us! We're going to Assembly Summer after also; in between we're visiting Turku. We're very excited, and I've been doing research and learning some Finnish too . . . Do feel free to email me; cons are nicer when you know folks beforehand, and I also sent my name to the Finncon volunteer coordinator too. Nifty blog, glad to come across it.

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