Thursday, September 27, 2007

Eurocon Photos

Some pictures I took at Eurocon last weekend:

Dave Lally holding the ESFS flag, and Olav Christiansen the Danish flag, with a Stormtrooper standing by
The opening ceremony with the ESFS and Danish flags. There were stormtroopers on the premises, but I guess they mistook us for supporters of the Empire.

Pricess Leia and Han Solo posing for a picture
There were a couple of hall costumes at the con. I didn’t see these guys after the opening ceremony—maybe the stormtroopers got them?

The ESFS officials sitting behind a large table
Official ESFS meeting business. The good old officers were re-elected for another three-year term at the business meeting.

Maija, Juha, and Anne standing behind a table offering salmiakki candy and vodka
The Finnish party on Friday evening. Maija, Juha, and Anne tutoring the foreigners in the delights of salmiakki, vodka, and salmiakki vodka.

Zoran Živković sitting behind a table at his GoH speech
GoH Zoran Živković talked wise words at his speech. Seemed like a nice fellow.

Finns sitting outside the con building having beers
The Finns outside the con building, enjoying great Czech beers kindly provided by Peter Pavelko (the second from the right—he blended in with the Finns marvelously).

Olav, Carolina, and Knud standing in a hallway, talking animatedly
Olav and Knud talking about important staff business with Carolina, who I think spent most of her convention gophering valiantly. At least that’s what she was doing every time I saw her.

Jukka, Georges, and Klaus pondering a quiz question
The sf quiz. Note the score on the board (Jukka’s is the one on the right).

The Italians standing in front of the con building
Those darn nice Italians that took Eurocon 2009 home to Fiuggi.

O’RLYEH? The ESFS award statue looking weird
The ESFS awards looked… interesting this year.

There are more Eurocon pictures on my Flickr set. Others have also taken pictures.


jukkahoo said...

Actually, I'm the one on the left. :)

But yes, my points were on the right. Have I mentioned, that I actually WON that quiz? Wahey!

Cheryl said...

My photos are here.

Tero said...

Thanks for the link! I especially liked the Finnish picnic one.

Anonymous said...

Oh here it is some other pictures from Eurocon:

See ya in moscow...

Tero said...

Thanks for the link!

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