Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Pub Meetings & Book Fair

Tomorrow is First Thursday again, so the Turku pub meeting is in Bar Bremer at six. Reminiscing about Eurocon (the new issue of my fanzine contains a con report, in case you’re interested), planning things to see at the Book Fair this weekend, etc. Welcome!

And speaking about the Turku International Book Fair: it’s this weekend, starting on Friday. Books, books, and more books! Some program items at the fair that look interesting include:
  • a drabble competition by TSFS on Friday
  • interesting authors and comics artists on stage on Friday include Aino Havukainen & Sami Toivonen (11:00), and Sari Peltoniemi (13:00)
  • more authors on stage on Saturday talking about their books, including Miina Supinen (12:00), Milla “Kiroileva siili” Paloniemi (13:40), J. Pekka Mäkelä (14:40)
  • panel discussions on Saturday on small press (chaired by Jukkahoo, 13:10) and fanzines (chaired by Anne Leinonen, 17:10)
  • seminar on myths and folk tales in YA books (Saturday, 14:00)
  • presentation by the Turbator small press with Harri Erkki and Markku Soikkeli (Saturday, 14:20)
On Saturday evening there’ll be an open pub meeting for people interested in sf & comics in Koulu Brewery Restaurant starting at 7. Welcome everybody!

(And if two pub meetings aren’t enough for one weekend, I’d be willing to bet you can meet come comics & sf folks in Cosmic Comic Café on Friday evening.)

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