Friday, November 23, 2007

Meetings in Tampere

Tampere is one active sf city during the following week. Tomorrow the Kaleva subsection of the Finnish sf writers’ association will organize KingCon II: a minicon themed “imaginary kings and possible monarchies”. There will be a presentation, “The weird sovereigns of pervy fantasy,” followed by discussion about what makes the royalties in fantasy and science fiction interesting as rulers. STk Kaleva, c/o Henriksson & Soikkeli, Teiskontie 19 E 82, Saturday Nov 24 at 6 PM.

Next Thursday (Nov 29), as reported earlier, David Ferro from the University in Ogden will be giving a public lecture on how science fiction informs computer development.

Also on Thursday, a Cuban sf writer Bruno Henriquez Perez will be visiting Tampere and meeting local fen at the Pub Kahdet Kasvot starting around 6:30 PM.

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