Friday, November 16, 2007

Necrocomicon on Saturday

The second Necrocomicon comics minicon will happen tomorrow. This year the event will be held in Cosmic Comic Café right in the Turku center. The program promises comics creators interviews, presentations, competitions, and all-around comics-themed fun. There will also be a small press hucksters room. A comics anthology Åbotti Huraa! will be released, and there will be an art show displaying drawings from the anthology. Cosmic has promised comics-themed drinks.

The guests of the event are musician, comics translator, writer and enthusiast Moog Konttinen, Pertti Jarla, and Mika Lietzén.

The evening program consists of old short films by Konttinen plus an acoustic gig by Jyrki Nissinen’s band Seksihullut.

The program starts at 11, and there’s no admission fee. Necrocomicon is organized by Turun sarjakuvakerho.

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