Thursday, January 03, 2008

Swedish-speaking Sf Society in Turku

Enhörningen reports that the “Society for strange interests” (Förening för underliga intressen vid Åbo Akademi) had their inaugural official meeting on December 12. The society has been active for over a year (some of their members have visited the Turku pub meetings), but now they’ve decided to become an official, registered society.


Johan A said...

Perhaps they translate "underlig" as "weird" themselves, but I'd suggest "peculiar" as a much better translation. "Weird" is far too strong.

Tero said...

"weird" was my own (quick) translation. I talked to their chairman at the pub meeting yesterday, and "strange" is the word they use themselves, so I changed my post to use that one. Although I agree "peculiar" would sound very good.

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