Saturday, July 26, 2008

Finncon – Friday

The Finncon Friday went as expected. I hear there was a lot of good quality programming in the science department as well as the writing one. Of course I missed all of that. But during the evening there was the mighty Finnconkampen: the tabletop ice hockey tournament.


The winner, once again, was Pasinen.

The Champion

The very nice Czech delegation to Finncon:


There was quite a good turnout on the terrace of the Telakka pub, discussing this and that about science fiction:


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Blogger Tommy Persson said...

On Friday afternoon there was also a public lecture by Farah but it was very hard to find information about this on the English web site. I hope future Finncon organisers will provide more information about which parts of the program the days before Finncon are public or semi public.

31 July, 2008 03:18  
Blogger Tero said...

I'll pass your request to the next committees.

31 July, 2008 14:46  

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