Saturday, July 26, 2008

Susi Vaasjoki Wins Atorox

The Atorox award for best Finnish sf short story published last year was announced at the Tampere Finncon a moment ago. This year the award goes to Susi Vaasjoki for the short story Taruntekijä (“Story Maker”) which also won the Portti short story competition. Carita Forsgren came second for Trio Org and Jussi Katajala third for Vetehinen (“Water Spirit”). This was the 26th time the award was given.

The top ten this year is:
  1. Susi Vaasjoki: Taruntekijä
  2. Carita Forsgren: Trio Org
  3. Jussi Katajala: Vetehinen
  4. Tuomas Saloranta: Lihan lapset
  5. M.G. Soikkeli: Maan langat, Marsin hiekat
  6. J.K. Miettinen: Jäytää
  7. Mari Saario: Keveät
  8. (tie)Heikki Nevala: Herra Tvist
    Petri Salin: Exit only
  9. Heikki Nevala: Kauhun kaksi huonetta
More info on the competition is on the TSFS Atorox page.

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