Thursday, August 07, 2008

August Mafia

It was a very nice pub meeting today. A lot of discussion about the future of Turku fandom and events (not a lot of the people who are supposed to be the future of the Turku fandom and events present though—one might almost deduce that the future of Turku fandom doesn’t particularly care for the “old folks’ meetings”). Also, it turned out there are lots of Mythbusters fans in local fandom.

Today’s mafia zine has a lengthy report of the Finncon–Animecon event held in Tampere a couple of weeks ago (some reporting available also on this blog). Plus stuff on books and comics and some news too. I couldn’t stay for too long (babysitting duties), but the merriment went on when I left.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry if you all felt uncared for. Last thursday we had an unofficial meeting about how to promote ourselves to even younger people at for exemple harrasteinfopäivät at Varissuo and via tutoring system. I actually mentionned this at an email I send to Shimo and at Tutka's list, and I was under the impression that you _do_ follow conversations posted there. It's a shame you missed it, because you could've put a nice word in for us, instead of letting all the Wide World know, how caerless and unsensitive people we are, leaving you there.
So when we were finally done with our meeting, it still rained as hell or as from Esteri's perse, so we just went to Proffa for having a pint or some limonade, like in my case. (For people who don't know us, the 'younger' don't have cars, and at the time I personally had already used all of my 'just-in-case-I-get-suddenly-extremely-wet-clothes.) And I do hope this isn't a one way train, because one is allowed to come to Terrakoti, if one happesn to have time any other Thursday than the first. Hopefully see you next month, or even earlier, Mirka

Tero said...

I don’t know how anybody else felt or didn’t feel—these were just my personal observations, so if you feel I was being rude, please don’t hold it against anybody else.

I do follow the conversations on the Tutka list, but somewhat casually, and don’t write down meetings, dates, etc. I know I won’t be attending, so they don’t register in my mind, I’m afraid.

About putting in a nice word for your activities, I’d be very happy to do it—but I generally try and wait until things have been publicly announced or expressly been given permission to publish; I don’t usually report things only seen on “insider” lists so I don’t accidentally spill the beans on something not yet meant for public consumption.

Also, I don’t think anybody has an obligation to attend the pub meetings (didn’t mean to sound like I do)—they are there for all who enjoy them to come and participate. I also think it’s only natural that the new generation would rather do their own thing instead of just continuing old traditions. I do, however, think that it would be a good thing for the local societies to have a presence at the pub meetings too, along other events, and happenings, and I do think that scheduling a meeting elsewhere during the one evening in the month there is a bigger sf meeting in the area, shows that you don’t put the same importance to the pub meetings as for example I do. But that’s your right, of course, and I understand very well that the scheduling conflicts can’t always be avoided.

Unfortunately, at least regular attendance at other events than the pub meeting is not a probable option for me at the moment, as even that usually involves some juggling of schedules and still leaving early now and then (like this month). This doesn’t mean I don’t care for other meetings (although I couldn’t fault anybody for thinking so), just that my schedule is usually too full as it is.

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