Monday, August 11, 2008

Dirk Gently’s Holistic Picnic

The Helsinki University sf club organizes their traditional holistic picnic next Saturday (August 16) starting at 2 PM. Everybody is welcome to attend.

The picnic starts at the railway station (outgoing local trains). You’ll need some money, the Helsinki local transportation time table, and some salted peanuts. The target of the picnic will be decided randomly using the Helsinki area map of the phone book, and will be determined using Random Destiny.


Val Grimm said...

So do they roll dice? Or drop things on the map, or what?

Mike asked me this, because at an MC Frontalot (at this concert Mike went to) asked which of a couple songs the crowd wanted and folks would clap for one or the other or both and then Frontalot would use that to set a threshold number and roll a d20 to pick which one. Except they kept him on stage long enough that he ended up playing most of the songs anyway, apparently ( :

Tero said...

They use the highly scientific method of flipism to determine the coordinates.

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