Sunday, January 11, 2009

Atorox 2009 Eligibility

There’s a discussion going on on the FSFWA forum about this year’s Atorox award, especially the eligibility of stories published on the net. According to one comment, stories that have been self-published on the net wouldn’t be eligible to participate in the Atorox voting. This doesn’t seem like a good idea to me, although I understand the fear (if not think it’s justified) that self-publishing on the net is so easy that the total amount of eligible stories would grow too much. But a better way (in my opinion) to handle this would be for example to require that stories published on the net outside the “usual” venues need to be submitted to the Atorox administrator to be taken into consideration.

You could (if necessary) go further and demand someone else than the author submits the story. That way, at least two persons think it‘s worthy of Atorox consideration. Or think about other ways. But I don’t think that just the medium a story is published on should affect the eligibility (self-published on paper is good according to my understanding of the current rules).
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